A Supreme Deity Versus Physics

Various theologians and other religious philosophers have over many, many centuries, given a list of what traits or properties a Supreme Deity or Maximally Greatest Being would have. Physicists refrain since the list in question makes little if any physical sense, as we’re about to discover. Much of what follows stems from an on-line debate I had with my old ‘friend’ the “Accidental Meta-Physician”. While I admire his all gun’s blazing theological faith, his physics leaves a lot to be desired.

Author’s Note: Rather than name names and thus include and exclude certain gods from various theologies, I’ll just use an all-encompassing phrase “Supreme Deity” or “SD”. Persons of differing faiths can substitute their own specific deity as they wish.

According to one well known modern religious theologian, William Lane Craig, the entity (i.e. – Supreme Deity) behind the creation of the Universe had to have been itself uncaused, beginning-less, changeless, eternal, timeless, space-less, an immaterial all-powerful being who is a personal agent, endowed with freedom of the will. Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the conclusion of this essays, these characteristics will be viewed as total nonsense.


“Things”, like a Supreme Deity (SD), would have certain properties. Things with certain properties have structure and substance. Things with structure and substance are physical things. Physical things can have an effect on other physical things. Non-physical things, like Wednesday, have no structure and substance. The concept of Wednesday cannot have any physical effect on say a billiard ball. A billiard ball cannot have any effect on the concept of Wednesday. So, non-physical things (concepts) cannot affect physical things, and vice-versa. Since a SD, being, according to some theologies, a non-physical entity (a concept with no structure and substance), cannot therefore have any effect on or create or destroy physical things. However, non-physical concepts can have an effect on other non-physical concepts. The concept of a SD might give some the concept to be a more moral person, but that is not imposed on anyone by a non-physical SD but rather that morality comes from within. A physical deity of course could tell you to be moral or else physical consequences will follow.

If the Universe was say composed of a total of 1000 atoms, then any Supreme Deity (SD) who created the Universe couldn’t be composed of any atoms otherwise the sum total of atoms in the Universe would add up to more than 1000. Thus any SD, any supernatural creator, must be non-physical according to some theists. Unlike theists, I say that the non-physical cannot create the physical. Not even a SD can create something from nothing, especially if that Supreme Deity was also non-physical.

Once upon a time there was this Supreme Deity, who was non-physical, who was eternal but not infinite. For some unknown and unexplained reason(s), He / She / It decided* somewhere on down the track, to create a physical universe, complete with life and just everything. How do you do that if you have nothing physical to work with? Even if this SD were physical in and of itself, it wouldn’t have any raw materials from which to work on or with. So, here’s a variation on some standard cosmology. The SD – a physical SD – literally went all to pieces, came apart at the seams, and scattered Himself / Herself / Itself into the void and became as one with the Universe. The SD is the Universe and goes by the name of Mother Nature!

*How you can decide anything if you are non-physical and lack any neurological infrastructure or system is quite beyond me.

So here we have this omnipotent entity, this Supreme Deity (SD), who is non-physical, who has existed for all eternity (but not infinitely so which seems a contradiction to me but apparently not to religious theologians), and in a timeless state to boot. Then for some totally unexplained reason this entity crossed over the Rubicon into time by creating a physical cosmos, but not an infinite cosmos; created it out of absolutely nothing for no apparently good reason other than “what the heck; why not; I’m bored” (my quotes). Do you, the reader, have any comprehension of how utterly ridiculous that sounds? If you came across that scenario or concept for the very first time in a novel, you’d be right to question the author’s sanity or their drug use.

Timelessness is a ridiculous impossibility since that would require an operating temperature of absolute zero (negating any possible change, therefore motion taking place, therefore making the concept of time meaningless). A state of absolute zero is not actually achievable. If you have even the smallest amount of change, therefore motion, you have time. I wish those advocating pockets of timelessness might, using their powers of philosophical deduction, point out a place(s) in the Cosmos that currently exist(s) in a state of timelessness.

The transition from a state of timelessness to a state of time by anyone is impossible since a change (a mental thought, electrons in motion at the minimum is required) would of had to have occurred while still in a timeless state which cannot be. You have to think of going from your timeless state into a state of time before you actually do it.

Further, it’s an impossibility to create an absolute something from an absolute nothing, especially if you are non-physical to begin with.

An actual non-physical thing is nonsense. A “thing” here is an actual something with substance and structure. Non-physical ‘things’ are just mental concepts without associated substance and structure. One can imagine a Santa Claus of course, but that Santa is non-physical. That non-physical Santa cannot make a transition from that mental state of non-physicality ‘reality’ into a physical reality. That equally applies to the mental concept of a non-physical Maximally Great Being. As in the case of Santa, just because you can imagine it doesn’t of necessity make it so in a physical reality.

So why can’t those of the faith, various theologians, produce their invisible ‘friend’, their Supreme Deity’s body, for all to admire? Oh, of course, how silly of me – their invisible ‘friend’ is of course non-physical so nobody could see, hear, touch, taste or smell Him / She / It – How very, very convenient when asked to produce the goods.

And therein lies the central problem. Theologians can’t do a “show and tell” and give us the SD’s body to gawk at. Religious theologians can’t give us the physical mechanism or even the theoretical equations that make the something from nothing mechanisms real mechanisms. Then some theologians toss around meaningless and nonsense terms like existence in a state of timelessness or existence in non-space, and then they expect people to take them seriously on just their say-so.

If their waffle were as convincing as they seem to think it is, well the whole world would be their oyster now, wouldn’t it?

I’ve thus far briefly hinted at the concepts of non-physicality; the creation of something from nothing; and existence outside of time and space. I’ll now examine these in greater detail.


Any Supreme Deity (SD) is most certainly is a physical object. Firstly, according to various religious theologians, He / She / It crossed over from a timeless state of ‘reality’ into a reality state where time (thus change through motion) exists. If you are in a physical reality and you change or cause change in that physical reality, you in turn must be physical. Anyway, the evidence that a SD (assuming a SD of course which I don’t) is physical is found in the Old and New Testaments and similar religious texts. A SD exists at specific times in specific places and does specific physical things. He / She / It speaks. You cannot speak if you are not physical! In the Old Testament, for example, a SD controls the weather and drowns lots of animals and people. A non-physical being cannot cause physical rain for 40 seconds, minutes or days. This SD transports Himself / Herself / Itself from place to place via a cloud. A cloud is a physical thing! This specific SD has a throne in Heaven. What need of a throne if you aren’t physical? The Old Testament in particular is full of a SD’s actions, interactions and reactions. I’m sure if you could go back in time and chin-wag with Moses (assuming Moses actually existed of course), he’d tell you that his encounter with a SD had physical reality. This Supreme Deity was a physical something with structure and substance.

I’ve argued long and loud elsewhere that a Supreme Deity (SD), if there be a SD as described in the Old Testament (and similar texts), must be physical on the grounds that creation of physical things (the Earth, seas, animals, humans, etc.) as related in Genesis requires a physical creator. Non-physical auto workers can’t construct a physical automobile!

So I’m here to debate the physical existence of one possible SD known by lots of different names to lots of different people, not the metaphysical non-physical existence of a SD or the SD in Alice’s Wonderland SD, or the SD from Never-Never-Land, etc. I want evidence – no, make that proof – for a physical SD that could get into the boxing ring with the current heavyweight champ and punch his lights out. That kind of a physical SD!

The current heavyweight champ has nothing to fear from a non-physical SD in the boxing ring since a non-physical SD couldn’t lay a non-physical glove on him (or her – thou shall not be sexist)!

I continue to note that religious theologians STILL aren’t answering the eternal question of how their non-physical* Supreme Deity (SD) created something from nothing. They can’t worm their way out of this. They can’t just avoid the issue and procrastinate indefinitely by not answering. Attention all religious theologians: Either please explain or just fess up and admit you haven’t a clue. The more you delay the worse you and your thesis look.

* Even Casper the Friendly Ghost has way more substance and structure than any theologians’ SD, since their SD is non-physical and all that nonsense. I mean how could their SD even see anything if He / She / It is non-physical? It’s the same paradox that faced “The Invisible Man”. Light photons would pass straight through and never register. So both “The Invisible Man” and any non-physical SD are blind! Ghosts on the other hand are physical. If you can see them and hear them and touch them and they have some physical impact on their immediate environment, they have some degree of substance with structure.

Being non-physical isn’t the same thing as being non-green. Something non-green is still a physical something. Something non-physical isn’t a physical something. A red billiard ball can interact with a green billiard ball. A non-physical thing cannot interact with physical billiard balls of any colour.


Philosophers give us loads of theoretical philosophical waffle. Meta-physicians give us loads of theoretical metaphysical waffle. Religious theologians give us loads of theoretical theological waffle. A prime example is that something (the Universe) was created out of nothing (by a Supreme Deity). They go further when they collectively say that there is necessarily physical evidence for a Supreme Deity (SD) because the Universe had a beginning, although they often qualify that necessity by use of the phrase “metaphysical necessity” not physical necessity. Regardless, even though there is evidence the Universe had a beginning, it’s just theoretical waffle that this beginning is also evidence for a SD.

Okay, fine, the physical Universe came into existence, but philosophers, meta-physicians and religious theologians weren’t there to witness that event so they therefore haven’t ever seen the creation of something-from-nothing; they have never personally witnessed the non-physical or the immaterial interact with the physical or with the material. To be blunt about it, they’re guessing. My guess in turn is that if they went back to that coming into existence of the physical Universe, they’d find that that physical existence originated from a previous physical existence. In other words, there was a before the Big Bang and that “before” had physicality.

The one thing theists have NOT given us, NEVER given us, EVER given us, is actual physical evidence to back up their theoretical waffle that a SD created the Universe out of nothing. They don’t know that since there could have been a before-the-Big-Bang and a before that and a before that. To repeat, they weren’t there at that imagined something-from-nothing beginning. Their something-from-nothing beginning is a theoretical philosophical / metaphysical / theological beginning that they have adopted as ‘fact’ because it suits their philosophy / metaphysics / theology. I ask them to prove to us that something non-physical can create something physical via an actual demonstration. Just do it. Make it so. They have always just talked-the-talk. Now I request them to kindly walk-the-walk and produce their physical evidence, not only that a Supreme Deity actually physically exists but that He / She / It can physically create something (i.e. – our Universe) from absolutely nothing. Their credibility is on the line when it comes to convincing their intended audience, including of course me, that their philosophical / metaphysical / theological worldview is correct. Of course they can’t do it since millions before them have tried and failed to be universally convincing. Atheists aren’t dumb. If you produce the physical evidence they will be forced to agree with you. Now I ask theists to produce it.

To conclude this little segment, they have NOT answered the questions. They have stated that a non-physical being, a SD, can create something-from-nothing; many have stated this is so, but they have not explained how it was done or how it could be done. Give us the recipe. Give us the physics of it that one could then place in a new and improved revised standard physics textbook for undergraduates and graduate students. What are the equations? If the proponents of a something-from-nothing philosophy / metaphysics / theology can demonstrate this, they should do so and earn their Nobel Prize and get their picture on the front cover of “Time Magazine”.


Some suggest that a Supreme Deity (SD) just ‘exists’ outside of space. Any SD ‘exists’ outside of our Universe or outside of the Cosmos itself, which has just got to be one of the silliest statements I’ve ever read since the Cosmos is all that ever was, is, or will be. As per above, Moses would beg to differ given his close encounter in existing space with his SD.

Even non-physical beings*, the concept of non-physical beings like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and even a Supreme Deity reside inside the mind; a mental space that resides inside a physical space. Any Supreme Deity of your acquaintance, one more likely as not rammed down your throat like so much propaganda while you were still too young to resist and to question and to know better, just resides inside your mind which resides inside your brain which is inside your skull which is inside… Well you get the point.

Children tend to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Adults tend to believe in a non-physical SD who can create something from nothing.

In weighing up the evidence for both beliefs, the children have a far stronger case. While I’ve never ever seen a Supreme Deity, I have seen at least one Santa Claus (actually hundreds of them over the years at shopping malls, department stores and standing on street corners); one Tooth Fairy (who originated from Hollywood-land) and one Easter Bunny (spotted annually on the White House lawn).

If a mature-aged adult of average intelligence (or greater) still seriously believed in Santa Claus, and/or the Tooth Fairy and/or the Easter Bunny you’d call into question their intellectual faculties. Yet if that exact same person professed belief in a Supreme Deity for which no court-of-law evidence exists and which nobody has seen in living memory, well, that’s rational and obviously the person has a sound intellectual faculty. They might quote religious texts as evidence, but the assertion that a Supreme Deity penned or was somehow totally responsible for their representation in some holy text cuts no reality with respect to the reality of that Supreme Deity. Using that logic, James Bond (Ian Fleming); Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling); Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle) and Charlie Brown (Charles M. Schulz) all really exist since books about them exist and their authors exist!

*An actual being, or an actual person, as opposed to the mental concept of a being or a person, has to be physical. The concept of a POTUS (President of the United States) is mental and that POTUS concept is non-physical but nevertheless POTUS resides inside minds which reside inside physical space. The actual POTUS at any one time of course isn’t non-physical but has structure and substance, is composed of flesh-and-blood and resides inside physical space, usually the White House.

Back to those non-physical beings that are not located in space. So any Supreme Deity (SD) now exists in time (since He / She / It created change through motion requiring actual stuff) but not in space? So can theologians identify exactly ‘where’ we can find some of this non-space? I assume any SD is the sole resident? If so, where do other minor deities like Jesus live? And where do the angels live? And where do all of those SD-worthy humans who have departed this mortal coil live? Isn’t this all really just a pot-full of pseudo-theology?


Okay, one further comment, regardless of His / Her / Its existence in a timeless state, or His / Her / Its existence in this state of time, what the heck does He / She / It actually do? If He / She / It had no beginning while He / She / It existed in a timeless state, well that’s a heck of a long time to do – well, what? Our hypothetical Supreme Deity either had to have been bored out of His / Her / Its timeless mind and/or been the greatest party-poop of all time. It would seem the sum total of His / Her/ Its CV is creating the Cosmos in just a tiny interval of His / Her / Its existence. I mean if you live for 100 years and the sum total of your accomplishments in that time is making one breakfast, well that doesn’t strike me as being something to brag about!

Often religious theologians undermine their own faith by the use of the word “If”. “If time had a beginning” and if time “was caused to exist” then only a timeless state could have created that beginning and that cause. Well, here’s my “If” rebuttal. If time did NOT have a beginning, and if it was NOT caused to exist, then there does NOT have to be a timeless state or a timeless entity. Theologians are not getting that through their head! Actually since time is change and change is motion and motion requires a state of matter/energy, we’re just back to that golden oldie about creating something-from-nothing versus creating something-from-something. Sigh!

OK, if a Supreme Deity (SD) was changeless, frozen in a state of suspended animation, doing nothing, thinking about nothing while in that timeless state then He / She / It could NOT have come up with an idea to cross the Rubicon and create time and a physical Cosmos, whether it be out of pre-existing stuff or out of nothingness. The very idea to do such a thing had to have existed while in that timeless state and that’s a contradiction. If you have an idea that implies that there was a time before that when you didn’t have that idea, but the transition of “didn’t have” to “have” requires a change and change cannot happen in a timeless state.

OK, never mind about what a SD did do or didn’t do or could do or couldn’t do while in a timeless state, what’s our Supreme Deity done post creation? Now that the SD has created the Cosmos and crossed the Rubicon into time and is now stuck here in time (not all that omnipotent now is He / She / It), what is He / She / It going to do for an encore? Or perhaps He / She / It has just packed it up and gone off to Florida to retire and just do a bit of fishing.

In conclusion to this section, IMHO the concept of timelessness or timeless as religious theologians use it is utter claptrap. There is no truism to be had. Show me a state of timelessness. Yet again I need point out that religious theologians can’t walk-the-walk but they sure can talk-the-talk. It’s all philosophical / metaphysical / theological waffle like arguing angels and pinheads.


A cause cannot cause itself so there must be an infinite regress of causes and thus no First Cause. Thus the Cosmos is temporally infinite or consists of a causal loop and thus is also temporally infinite.

Since you can’t create something-from-nothing that implies that something has always existed and thus also implies and thus reinforces the concept of an infinite Cosmos.

Religious theologians or theists are unhappy with this state of affairs since it leaves no room for creation by a supernatural mechanism (i.e. – a Supreme Deity (SD) for all practical purposes). On the other hand, their SD has to be eternal if for no other reason than to avoid awkward questions like therefore who (or what) created that SD? But if the temporally infinite SD created our finite in time Universe then it would of had to have been an infinite time ago which of course is not what we observe since only an additional 13.8 billion years have elapsed since the beginning (deliberate creation?) of our Universe. The Cosmos (of which our Universe is but a part) is of course infinitely old, not just 13.8 billion years old.


Before you can go assigning attributes, properties, traits, whatever to your Supreme Deity or Deities, you first have to prove that your Supreme Deity or Deities actually exist and that all other versions of a Supreme Deity or Deities are false. Good luck with that Labour of Hercules! I mean that I can’t talk about the properties of mermaids, unicorns, and leprechauns until I can demonstrate that any one or all of these entities actually exist! It’s body first, then description of the body. It makes relatively little sense to say that a Supreme Deity (SD) is omni this and omni that and omni the next thing only to have Athena come down off of Mount Olympus and punch your lights out for blasphemy by believing in, worshipping, and attributing traits to a false monotheistic god. Never-the-less, that’s what most religious theologians or theists have done by believing in, worshipping, and attributing traits to a body-less SD.

Theists say that the SD is uncaused, beginning-less, or eternal.

I suggest that an infinitely old being who would after an infinite amount of time had elapsed, all of a sudden get this idea of creating life, the Universe and absolutely everything is ridiculous. At least this gets around the concept of who or what created the SD which is in itself an infinite regression as in what created the creator of the SD and so on.

Theists say that the SD is changeless, or timeless.

I suggest that if you are in a timeless state and thus in a changeless state then you can’t initiate any action like an actual creation, since the very process of pre-initiation to initiation to post initiation is change which must by definition take place in time.

Theists say that the SD is space-less.

I suggest that this means that either the SD exists outside of space (and to exist implies existing inside of something – like space) or else the SD isn’t comprised of any space and thus is non-material or non-physical (i.e. – nothing) and thus can’t create anything material or physical (i.e. – something). Either way, the concept of a SD being space-less is nonsense.

Theists say that the SD is an immaterial all-powerful being who is a personal agent, endowed with freedom of the will.

I suggest that the SD isn’t all-powerful (omnipotent). Can a SD throw a ball so fast that not even He / She / It can overtake it? If not, He / She / It is not all powerful; if so He / She / It is not all powerful. It’s a no-win situation. More relevant might be an observation, since our SD must be physical IMHO in order to create physical stuff, then our SD must be presumably subject to the laws of the Universe. So could our SD ever escape from inside a cosmic Black Hole or travel faster than the speed of light or create a square circle or violate the axioms of Euclidean Geometry? Does our SD have freedom of the will? Again, if our SD is in a timeless state then He / She / It has no freedom to act or to change and thus no freedom of any will since will implies the ability to act or to change.

Should any or all of these SD’s attributes be taken without evidence on the say-so of religious theologians? That makes relatively little sense. If I were to claim that I could travel faster than the speed of light and escape from inside of Black Holes; that I could create something from nothing; that I could travel in time (and space like Doctor Who); that I could cure any and all cancers; that I could create life in a test-tube; that I was in communication with E.T.; that I could download biological minds into artificial substrates like computers; that I could compose music faster, cheaper and better than Mozart; that I had a pet unicorn and dinosaur (recall that time travel claim); that I had telekinetic powers; that I knew the Theory of Everything (TOE); that I could create gold from lead using a child’s home chemistry set; or that I was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, would you believe me without evidence based on just my say-so? Of course not. So why make an alleged Supreme Deity an exception to your scepticism?

In Search of Heaven

“The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD” (Pr 16:1~NASB)

Suppose you are the average modern day Christian, who has gone to their family doctor after having some tests completed and you now find yourself sitting in the Oncologists office. He/she sits across from you, crosses his leg (I have a male doctor), and begins to make a little light chit-chat as they all seem to do today, before they lay the bomb on you.

“Grayeagle, your biopsy indicates that you have a rapidly growing malignant mass for the second time. This time it is the opposite lung. This is a nasty small cell cancer, and to be honest with you, it doesn’t look good. The ladies out front will set up a few more tests just to clarify everything.” I can tell he truly wants this to conclude. Not being the brightest bulb in the pack I lightly say, “So what does all that mean, Doc?” “To be rather straight-forward, it means that I’m of the opinion that you need to set your house in order.”

“So you’re saying I’m dying?” He sits there and kind of stares at me as if he must be talking to his collie, and I can see him thinking, what’s wrong with this idiot? (I’m playing with his head, and he’s the one who doesn’t get it. What did he expect me to do- weep, wail, and howl? I mean, come on, I finally said, “Yeah, I get it, Doc. Don’t worry,”

I get out of the office and into my car and then it truly hits me – I guess all my years of theology” that I’ve been teaching is now going to be proved or negated – huh?. My first though was that I am going to see Heaven soon. My second thought was what do I know about Heaven? Do you want to know the truth? I know next to nothing about the real heaven. I know many hymns about streets of gold and all that stuff, but theology should never come from hymns, it should come from the Word of God.

The Unknown Paradise

When I die, my absolute plan is to go to Heaven, if for no other reason than it beats the alternative. To the best of my knowledge, all confessing Christians plan on going to heaven. However, if you ask a Christian what heaven is like all you will get is 1) nothing more than a bunch of old Gospel song lyrics, or 2) jokes. I think faced with the immediate adventure, I want something more substantial that a song lyric or joke. Now, you would think a theologian would know all about this subject, but guess what – I don’t. I’m sure I’ve heard a hundred sermons on heaven and read dozens of papers that were nothing more than a bunch of gibberish. Let me ask you – what do you actually know about heaven? And don’t give me some fantasized stuff you created in your own mind. Things like living in a mansion. Now, stop and think about it. If we were in our glorified body, supposedly like the body of Christ, then why in the world would we even need a house, let alone some kind of mansion? Are you expecting snow, or rain? Houses (mansion of not) are for the sake of protection. What need do we have to be protected in Heaven?

Why do we lose all common sense when it comes to things Divine, the Bible, and our religion? What about all those streets of gold? The fact is the book of Revelation does talk about a Capital city that God is going to erect in the second heaven, where the King of Kings is going to set His Throne. Yes, the streets are pure gold, and the items like walls, etcetera are made of precious stones. That is only a city. I’m talking about Heaven in its entirety. What are we actually going to do for all infinity. I think standing in a choir singing will get old after the first couple of years, don’t you? Some think we’ll become angels. Now, that’s because you haven’t read my book yet, because we are human and they are not. Are you beginning to get the picture of – duh, what is Heaven really like?

I want to know – what do we Scripturally know about Heaven? The truth is Scripture says just about nothing concerning the details of Heaven. It’s vague, indistinct, almost a secret. It challenges us to search and to learn what we can relate to that anticipated place of glory. This then is our search for Heaven.

Heaven comes in threes

Let’s get away from hymns and silliness and let’s simply talk about what we honestly know – like there are three heavens mentioned in Scripture.

I’m not kidding about that. Christian Scripture speaks of three heavens, which apparently seems to be sufficient versus some religions who want to believe in seven of them. The first biblical heaven consists of the region above us. It is where the clouds float by, and the birds fly around. The second heaven has to do with infinite space – that beyond that we call the universe where the sun, moon and all the beautiful masses those scientific telescopes show us. The third heaven has to do with that new heaven and earth that God has promised to this world once He has finally had His fill with Satan and his followers.

However, in this article, the heaven that I’m interested in is the third heaven. The one that the Apostle Paul seems to have visited, which is consistently referred to as the abode of God. Paul said, “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago-whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows-such a man was caught up to the third heaven” 2Co 12:3~NASB In the next sentence he calls this “third heaven” Paradise – which is an important designation. At this point in our article, let’s assume that the third heaven indeed is Paradise. Paul does not call it the dwelling place of God, but he does say that this is where he received all his revelations – his schooling that made him the Great Apostle to the Gentiles.

Jesus also mentioned this place as Paradise in His earthly ministry. To the thief on the cross who confessed Him at the last minute, Jesus said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise” (Lk 23:43, 2 Cr 12:4, Rev 2:7~ NASB). From these three references, we must gather that Heaven and Paradise are one in the same. It is the place where God Himself dwells.

Please, I’m all but begging you to mark this next statement: ALL Scripture truth must be set by a minimum of two (preferably three) confirming scriptures. That is to say, we are never permitted (as some do) to set doctrine on one statement that is made by a writers of Scripture. God Himself set this rule, when He said, “A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed” (De 19:15, Mt 18:16, 2Cr 13:1 ~NASB).

The Reality of Heaven

By that subtitle, I mean, this is not something some priest or television pastor dreamed up so he/she can ask for more donations. Heaven is a place taught in the Bible, and by Jesus himself. I would hate to have spent my entire life hoping and believing in an eternal home only to find out Scripturally there is no such place even mentioned. Have no fear – it’s there.

Actually, all religions that I know of have some belief in a heaven, in a verity of forms. I must confess that Christianity has some differing views of Paradise. One may wonder why, but it all has to do with things like Protestantism, Catholicism, this ism, and that ism. You understand I’m sure. Christianity is agreeable with the fundamentals of Heaven, it’s the fine points that Scripture doesn’t even talk about that we love to argue and disagree. I have found disagreements (in a godly spirit) to be extremely enlightening.

It Ain’t Easy

Honestly searching Scripture to find out the details – and that’s what we want here – simple details like, will I be greeted by my dad and mom, when I get there? that is not an easy thing to discover. To make matters more difficult, there are two other phrases used throughout the New Testament the Kingdom of God and or Heaven. Jesus taught the crowd one day, saying, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Mt 5:3~NASB, and in that same discourse He said, ” Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great” Mt 3:12~NASB. As He used that term in that discourse, one would assume He is referring to Paradise, or Heaven. In fact, as I began to search it appeared as thought the statement Kingdom of heaven always referred to Heaven, while the statement Kingdom of God spoke to a relationship. However, that assumption was destroyed as I went deeper into the Epistles. They are, used interchangeably. Sometimes, it is obvious they are referring to heaven, but other times it becomes apparent it is referring to a relational position.

Heaven is Promised

What little we do know about Paradise, or Heaven, is that it is promised to those who have put their faith in the fact that Jesus is the Christ, and that He is their Lord and Savior. It is that concept of bowing one’s proud knee and confessing that He is the Master of our life, and not we. Because we have done this act of faith in Him, Scripture has promised that when that time comes (and it comes to all of us sooner or later), that our eternal abode will be with God in this place. According to the Apostle Paul, we are to consider ourselves as citizens of paradise at this time. He said, “For our citizenship is in heaven,” (Php 3:20~NASB), and it is a place we are to eagerly look forward to. We must also assume that we are ushered into this place immediately upon departing from this earth. Again, Paul stated, “to be absent from the body and to be home with the Lord” (2Co 5:8~NASB).

If we take Scripture as being accurate, then we declare that Heaven is a promise in our future.

The Heavenly Move

For some of us who have not taken a lot of care of this body we’re living in, and others who have carried around a body of pain, I have some good news. By all that we know, the present body that you and I are living in is not going to make it to heaven. Scripture tells us that God “will transform the body of our humble state into conformity with the body of His glory” (Php 3:21~NASB). I honestly don’t think I want to spend all of eternity in this physical suit I’ve messed up anyway – I don’t know about you. Again, it is written, “for we know that if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens” 2Co 5:1-2~NASB).

The idea is that we are living in a suit designed to house and protect our spirit and soul on this earth. When we enter that eternal place called heaven, God is going to give us another house for our spirit and soul to live in. The greatest difference is that it will be like His, and it will never wear out. For people like me, that’s good news.

What It’s Like

Before we get into this next piece, I want to preface it with the fact that this illustration is pre-New Testament. By that, I mean Christ has not died on the Cross-for our sins, nor has He riser from the dead having the seal of the Father that His death covers the sins of those who confess Him as Savior. That is a vital piece of information because most theologians believe things in Paradise changed at that point in time.

With that disclaimer, we have this one extremely small piece of information concerning Paradise given to us by Jesus in this parable. Two men had died, and one was a rich, arrogant, nasty kind of person, while the other man was just a poor beggar – a homeless beggar. The beggar went to Paradise and was being comforted by Abraham. The rich man was in torment (a whole other subject) who thought he deserved a favor from Abraham. Notice Abraham did not berate the rich man, but he did use the beggar as an illustration, saying, “Child, remember that during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here” (Lk 16:25~NASB).

About the only thing we can conclude from this is that, there is comfort and equality in Paradise from all the ills that have befallen us while living on this earth. It is part of our reward. We also know that we will not be alone, as this beggar is seen with and being comforted by the famous Abraham of Old Testament fame. We also know that inside of us, while we rightfully fight and cling to life for as long as we can, we long to go to heaven, because our spirit testifies that it is a far greater place than this.


There is no conclusion to this subject, because there is not enough information given to us to make a solid conclusion. I feel terribly about this, as the assumption is that someone in my position should simply know these kinds of things, but I don’t.

I must leave this subject by saying, we will all find the answer to our quest sooner of later. For me, it will be sooner, but that is okay with me. I have to say that while I’m in pain for those I will leave behind; I am looking to mount my spiritual horse, and ride once again, into a completely new adventure. I do hope with all that is within me that I will be able to ride with in a full gallop with the heavenly wind in our faces.

God’s Complaint Department for Unanswered Prayers

Do you feel your prayer wishes are going to the “dead letter office” with all the wish letters mailed to Santa Claus? Everybody thinks that their problems are the worst.
Thinking prayers will be answered belief turns to doubt, because of false reasoning. In a state of uncertainty, to believe in and unceasingly praying is not enough.

It is important to know what a legitimate prayer is because if you pray with all your might and with all your heart to own this world, your prayer will not be answered. When we have prayers connected to material gain they are limited; there must be because God will not mend or break his laws to satisfy fanciful desires. Why pray foolishly or illogically for possessions that you could not have in your period of development at this time. There is a proper way to pray. Once you have changed your status from a beggar to God’s child; when you appeal to God from that awareness your prayer will have wisdom and power. Prayers are a demand of the soul. But what good is praying when God will not answer? Difficult as it is to get a response, it can be done.

The majority of people in anguish search for God with the self-centered desire of expelling mental or physical troubles or ills. God can easily be forgotten when you pray for money or healing for dear ones or for personal gain. The bible says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” How many of you know that verse and how many of you actually put that into practice? You can classify yourself; and I am afraid most of you never read the fine print in the footnotes; you should not be expectant in the back of your mind for the granting of a favor. When you pray your mind should not be focused on gifts but concentrating on the Giver; as a result all the gifts from the Giver will be added unto you.

All financial goals have to be earned. A man who is weak may plan many wonderful things but he finds that he has been a victim of circumstances at the end of the day because of his bad habits, and usually blames everyone else but himself.

What is the secret law to activate universal forces to come to your aid and lead you to the place of prosperity that is rightfully yours? Stop seeking prosperity for yourself alone and include others in your own prosperity. This will prevent you from becoming poor. That means not just including your family and yourself but a larger group of people that surround you. This is serious matter; do not take it lightly. By using this secret universal law: unselfishness, and by distributing prosperity to everyone equally with no exceptions will activate the universal law of karma to come to your aid.

The two ways our needs have to be satisfied are for material gain and for ill health. When you’re sick you run to the doctor, but what happens when the limited power of the doctor or human aid no longer helps. We then look to the unlimited Power of the Maker of our body for assistance and solace. Likewise we do the same with our financial problems; when we have tried our best and it is still insufficient, again we turn to that higher power.

When your prayers have gone unanswered you have chosen to pray like a beggar.
First you need to build a relationship with God and once a relationship is established, your prayers will be answered. A praying beggar will be given what he deserves, a paupers trifle. Never beg when you pray as beggary reduces your prayers to that of a poverty stricken vagrant.

When you pray, demand as a divine child talking to a parent asking for what is rightfully yours as a divine son. Do this with conviction and see what happens then when you pray correctly. You can pray to God in the aspect of a forgiving mother instead of a father aspect who expects you to follow his laws. A mother aspect of God will always forgive her erring son; but, make sure you follow the rules of prayer by approaching God with legitimate needs.

Let’s say you are late on your mortgage payment and you can not meet your future payments or you want a certain job. Go into silence and after deeply meditating, focus your willpower on your need without expecting results at the same time. Nothing will happen if you look for a sign every time you pray. Just bring your needs to the attention of God and do your best to help God bring your prayer desire to completion. In no way try to test God. You must believe in the possibility of what you are asking for. If you pray for a house and your mind says, “You idiot, you can’t afford a home” make your willpower stronger and take the “cant’s” out of your mind so the Divine Force may flow without interruptions.

If you have a chronic disease, take the thought that ultimately only God will help you in meditation every evening. Pray with all your determination and you will find one day you are suddenly healed and your disease has vanished. Initially, our mind is given the idea and after that the divine permeates the mind with strength and last, the mind releases the power to cure. When the inherent forces laying in the mind are released you will realize you have the power of God in your brain which controls all physical functions of the body.

God is your best security that is why the masters are emphasizing for us to seek out God through meditation. Most of all get busy in finding God because procrastination is pure laziness when the procrastinator speaks and says “I will do that tomorrow, today I am busy with other things.” You can be like that for the rest of your life. People who are always putting off things will never achieve their goals. What’s the use in reading or listening to lectures and when you go home you fall asleep spiritually. That is not applying what you read or heard. If you do not make a sincere effort it will be impossible to get ascension in a moment. It does take years and it cannot be known by weak-minded people. Laziness must be overcome; the masters say that the physically lazy man can be forgiven, but not the mentally lazy. The physically lazy could have health problems, but the lack of enthusiasm from the uninterested dull mind has no excuse.

Search out the company of people who can strengthen your faith and take the “cant’s” out of your brain. You will find God within yourself if you are a member of the fourth class of people who will not be fulfilled with merely reading or listening to a lecture or sermon about God. Who will persist until He answers?

The science of yoga is exactly that, a science. Yoga, yoga meditation, praying it is all scientific in nature. You must have a proper guide when you are in the forest of theology. If you want to know about science or medicine you need a creditable teacher. But when it comes to the science of religion and you want to understand the mysteries of God the mentor you have must be qualified and one who himself has attained realization.

When the first yearning for truth comes, somebody offers you a book or recommends a teacher to awaken you. Then when your desire is strong enough God will send you a guru, not just an ordinary teacher. If the person you follow has not realized God he is only a school teacher. There is a difference between a Guru who has realized God and a teacher. The technique in finding your true spiritual guru not a self appointed one is explained in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, which explains this in detail.

If you have prayed correctly and have not received the desired result, He may have something better planned for you. Talk with God sensibly and he will help you in accomplishing your dreams.

Meditate to calm the heart and quite the mind. The mind cannot control the mind. The calm neutralized mind will prevent paralysis of your willpower and nerves. It is impossible for fear to enter a quiet heart. For further information read my other articles, You Don’t Have To Believe This – You Don’t Have To Read This and Eastern Versus Western Karma.

There is a shortcut approach in prayer that the masters talk about, and that is devotion. They say when you pray, pray from your heart and imagine your heart has a mouth and is talking to God. For if you pray from your mind and your prayers are not heartfelt, you are doing a little better than wasting your time. Getting back to science again, your mind is like a radio and if the antenna of your mind is weak your radio frequency will never reach God, but the heart is a different story because the heart has no boundaries or limitations. When the microphone of your mind has been muffled or broken down by the sledge-hammer of the boisterous passions of restlessness, it takes deep silence to repair your broadcasting instrument. When the human mental microphone is out of order it will not work the wonder of telepathy. Calm yourself with deep meditation and when your mental microphone is repaired, rebroadcast your loving prayer. If you feel a joyous expanding thrill in your heart and entire body after each day of meditation you will have received the proof that God has heard the radio microphone of your heart and mind.

In today’s’ fast paced society everyone wants instant satisfaction or their money back. It is even hard for the average person to pick up a book and read more that twelve pages before they lose interest. One of the most important things to learn is that God is never in a hurry and impatience or a lack of patience is a character flaw. A person who cannot exercise patience under stressful conditions is normal, we all are guilty of this from time to time. But this characteristic can be a real hurdle to overcome because the spiritual path is like the razors edge. How could you expect to obtain the most priceless treasure without making the utmost sacrifices?