God’s Complaint Department for Unanswered Prayers

Do you feel your prayer wishes are going to the “dead letter office” with all the wish letters mailed to Santa Claus? Everybody thinks that their problems are the worst.
Thinking prayers will be answered belief turns to doubt, because of false reasoning. In a state of uncertainty, to believe in and unceasingly praying is not enough.

It is important to know what a legitimate prayer is because if you pray with all your might and with all your heart to own this world, your prayer will not be answered. When we have prayers connected to material gain they are limited; there must be because God will not mend or break his laws to satisfy fanciful desires. Why pray foolishly or illogically for possessions that you could not have in your period of development at this time. There is a proper way to pray. Once you have changed your status from a beggar to God’s child; when you appeal to God from that awareness your prayer will have wisdom and power. Prayers are a demand of the soul. But what good is praying when God will not answer? Difficult as it is to get a response, it can be done.

The majority of people in anguish search for God with the self-centered desire of expelling mental or physical troubles or ills. God can easily be forgotten when you pray for money or healing for dear ones or for personal gain. The bible says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” How many of you know that verse and how many of you actually put that into practice? You can classify yourself; and I am afraid most of you never read the fine print in the footnotes; you should not be expectant in the back of your mind for the granting of a favor. When you pray your mind should not be focused on gifts but concentrating on the Giver; as a result all the gifts from the Giver will be added unto you.

All financial goals have to be earned. A man who is weak may plan many wonderful things but he finds that he has been a victim of circumstances at the end of the day because of his bad habits, and usually blames everyone else but himself.

What is the secret law to activate universal forces to come to your aid and lead you to the place of prosperity that is rightfully yours? Stop seeking prosperity for yourself alone and include others in your own prosperity. This will prevent you from becoming poor. That means not just including your family and yourself but a larger group of people that surround you. This is serious matter; do not take it lightly. By using this secret universal law: unselfishness, and by distributing prosperity to everyone equally with no exceptions will activate the universal law of karma to come to your aid.

The two ways our needs have to be satisfied are for material gain and for ill health. When you’re sick you run to the doctor, but what happens when the limited power of the doctor or human aid no longer helps. We then look to the unlimited Power of the Maker of our body for assistance and solace. Likewise we do the same with our financial problems; when we have tried our best and it is still insufficient, again we turn to that higher power.

When your prayers have gone unanswered you have chosen to pray like a beggar.
First you need to build a relationship with God and once a relationship is established, your prayers will be answered. A praying beggar will be given what he deserves, a paupers trifle. Never beg when you pray as beggary reduces your prayers to that of a poverty stricken vagrant.

When you pray, demand as a divine child talking to a parent asking for what is rightfully yours as a divine son. Do this with conviction and see what happens then when you pray correctly. You can pray to God in the aspect of a forgiving mother instead of a father aspect who expects you to follow his laws. A mother aspect of God will always forgive her erring son; but, make sure you follow the rules of prayer by approaching God with legitimate needs.

Let’s say you are late on your mortgage payment and you can not meet your future payments or you want a certain job. Go into silence and after deeply meditating, focus your willpower on your need without expecting results at the same time. Nothing will happen if you look for a sign every time you pray. Just bring your needs to the attention of God and do your best to help God bring your prayer desire to completion. In no way try to test God. You must believe in the possibility of what you are asking for. If you pray for a house and your mind says, “You idiot, you can’t afford a home” make your willpower stronger and take the “cant’s” out of your mind so the Divine Force may flow without interruptions.

If you have a chronic disease, take the thought that ultimately only God will help you in meditation every evening. Pray with all your determination and you will find one day you are suddenly healed and your disease has vanished. Initially, our mind is given the idea and after that the divine permeates the mind with strength and last, the mind releases the power to cure. When the inherent forces laying in the mind are released you will realize you have the power of God in your brain which controls all physical functions of the body.

God is your best security that is why the masters are emphasizing for us to seek out God through meditation. Most of all get busy in finding God because procrastination is pure laziness when the procrastinator speaks and says “I will do that tomorrow, today I am busy with other things.” You can be like that for the rest of your life. People who are always putting off things will never achieve their goals. What’s the use in reading or listening to lectures and when you go home you fall asleep spiritually. That is not applying what you read or heard. If you do not make a sincere effort it will be impossible to get ascension in a moment. It does take years and it cannot be known by weak-minded people. Laziness must be overcome; the masters say that the physically lazy man can be forgiven, but not the mentally lazy. The physically lazy could have health problems, but the lack of enthusiasm from the uninterested dull mind has no excuse.

Search out the company of people who can strengthen your faith and take the “cant’s” out of your brain. You will find God within yourself if you are a member of the fourth class of people who will not be fulfilled with merely reading or listening to a lecture or sermon about God. Who will persist until He answers?

The science of yoga is exactly that, a science. Yoga, yoga meditation, praying it is all scientific in nature. You must have a proper guide when you are in the forest of theology. If you want to know about science or medicine you need a creditable teacher. But when it comes to the science of religion and you want to understand the mysteries of God the mentor you have must be qualified and one who himself has attained realization.

When the first yearning for truth comes, somebody offers you a book or recommends a teacher to awaken you. Then when your desire is strong enough God will send you a guru, not just an ordinary teacher. If the person you follow has not realized God he is only a school teacher. There is a difference between a Guru who has realized God and a teacher. The technique in finding your true spiritual guru not a self appointed one is explained in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, which explains this in detail.

If you have prayed correctly and have not received the desired result, He may have something better planned for you. Talk with God sensibly and he will help you in accomplishing your dreams.

Meditate to calm the heart and quite the mind. The mind cannot control the mind. The calm neutralized mind will prevent paralysis of your willpower and nerves. It is impossible for fear to enter a quiet heart. For further information read my other articles, You Don’t Have To Believe This – You Don’t Have To Read This and Eastern Versus Western Karma.

There is a shortcut approach in prayer that the masters talk about, and that is devotion. They say when you pray, pray from your heart and imagine your heart has a mouth and is talking to God. For if you pray from your mind and your prayers are not heartfelt, you are doing a little better than wasting your time. Getting back to science again, your mind is like a radio and if the antenna of your mind is weak your radio frequency will never reach God, but the heart is a different story because the heart has no boundaries or limitations. When the microphone of your mind has been muffled or broken down by the sledge-hammer of the boisterous passions of restlessness, it takes deep silence to repair your broadcasting instrument. When the human mental microphone is out of order it will not work the wonder of telepathy. Calm yourself with deep meditation and when your mental microphone is repaired, rebroadcast your loving prayer. If you feel a joyous expanding thrill in your heart and entire body after each day of meditation you will have received the proof that God has heard the radio microphone of your heart and mind.

In today’s’ fast paced society everyone wants instant satisfaction or their money back. It is even hard for the average person to pick up a book and read more that twelve pages before they lose interest. One of the most important things to learn is that God is never in a hurry and impatience or a lack of patience is a character flaw. A person who cannot exercise patience under stressful conditions is normal, we all are guilty of this from time to time. But this characteristic can be a real hurdle to overcome because the spiritual path is like the razors edge. How could you expect to obtain the most priceless treasure without making the utmost sacrifices?